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Transform Your Body In 16 Weeks.

Our team of Toronto personal trainers guarantees that if you do not feel much healthier, significantly decrease your body fat, & fit comfortably into a smaller clothing size in 16 weeks…we’ll refund your tuition 100%.

Most programs offer you only a partial solution. It could be a diet plan with a little bit of exercise advice, or a workout plan with a little bit of diet advice. Either way, you’re giving up a big chunk of your results.

Our Toronto personal trainers and top-tier Toronto nutritionist will coach you on all the different components you need to succeed long-term with your fitness program:

  • Boost your metabolism with laser-targeted moves that strengthen and tone your entire body – and believe it or not, are actually fun to do!
  • Optimize fat-burning and save time by exercising smarter, not necessarily harder, or for longer periods.
  • Easy-to-follow meal plan based on your metabolism, and adjusted to your likes, dislikes, and current lifestyle so results come more easily.
  • Personalized supplement planning to squeeze every ounce of results from your body.  Net gain = 10-15% faster results.
  • Enhance your ability to move, prevent injury, and free yourself from pain with our unique flexibility training.
  • Surprise yourself by how easy it is with our coaching and support, and how you start to actually enjoy it!

People will start wondering what you’re doing…and why you look so good.

You’ll experience razor sharp mental clarity, and the stamina you need to truly enjoy your evenings and weekends as well, even after a long day – or a long week!

Hi, I’m Conor Kelly.

I’m a leading Toronto personal trainer and health expert.

TToronto personal trainerhrough personal experience, and my near two decades of experience, education and extensive research, I’ve developed an approach to exercise motivation that’s helped hundreds of ordinary people achieve phenomenal health and fitness results.

If you’re looking to lose weight, tone up, reduce medications, explode your energy levels and boost your self-confidence, or if you’d just like to enjoy a healthier, more active lifestyle…

…Our Toronto personal trainers can make that happen for you.

If you’re into having a complete program that’s step by step, and “done-for-you” from top to bottom so you don’t have to waste time thinking about it, or researching the endless number of questions that arise…

If you’re fed up of programs, or personal trainers in Toronto that are all hype and no results…

…You’re going to love working with us.


Success Principle: 20% of your activities produce 80% of your results.


When you know the twenty percent to focus on, you can expect dramatic improvements without a huge time commitment, killing yourself in the gym, or giving up your favorite foods.

That’s where we come in. We’re experts at helping you uncover your personal twenty percent. We even make it feel fun. That’s what gets results. Results like these:

personal trainers Toronto

“In 16 weeks I lost 35lbs. and 11.8% bodyfat!* It feels great both physically (I have more energy and feel better) and emotionally (I have more confidence). I never thought I’d like working out, but I love it now!” Mauer Chiarello, 45, Business Owner

*Individual results may vary

Toronto personal trainers

“After 16 weeks, I lost over 30 lbs and went down 4 pant sizes!* My body looks better than ever, and I feel great. And the best thing is that it felt easy! They are so helpful and so encouraging! All you have to do is follow their advice, and be amazed by the results.” Cristina D., HR Manager

*Individual results may vary


To discover how to boost your energy, drop pounds and inches, or eliminate problem areas that you hate when you catch a glimpse of them in the bathroom mirror, scroll down for more details on how we get you there quickly, and safely.

Register For Your Complimentary 1HR Breakthrough Session With Our Elite Toronto Personal Trainers

If you’d like to meet with a top personal trainer to get your road map for success, register to receive a complimentary, no-obligation 1HR Breakthrough Session at one of our private studio locations (Yonge/Charles or Yonge/Wellesley), or at home (depending on your area/availability, etc.).

Your Breakthrough Session is all about the “small hinges that swing big doors”, the little changes that make all the difference to your success.

Think of it as lesson #1 in your personal health and fitness transformation.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • How to stop wasting your time in the gym and get the results you want in less time. The secret is in how we laser-target exercises to boost your body’s response – and feel great too!
  • Free yourself from stubborn fat on your belly, hips, and thighs. Little known strategies for permanently eliminating problem areas.
  • How to roll back the years and get back the energy you had in your twenties, so you get more done at work, and live life to the fullest during your down time.
  • Get your game plan for success. We don’t have a miracle pill you can take to get fit without trying, but we’re experts at making it seem fun!
Get toning and strengthening results in less time with laser-targeted moves that feel good too!

Get toning and strengthening results in less time with laser-targeted moves that feel good

You’ll learn things about your body type you never knew, and get exercise tips that most personal trainers don’t even know, but which will easily multiply the effectiveness of your workouts — even if you don’t end up signing on as a client.

Currently, I’m looking to fill our Fall 2015 roster. It’s peak season for us, and our best time slots are filling up. That’s why you should register for your complimentary Breakthrough Session now – while there are still spots available.

Just call us at (416) 220-7883, or enter your information below, and we’ll call you shortly to schedule your appointment. You have my word that we’ll NEVER share your information with anyone. We’re here to help, and we look forward to speaking with you!

A Little Bit About How I Got Started…


In 2005, I was an overweight Toronto personal trainer (not a typo…they exist!), working for Extreme Fitness. A former powerlifter and strongman competitor, I’d spent years building up my body – and gained over 100 pounds since the time I was a teenager. Sure, some of it was muscle, but most was burdensome fat.

Me in 2005

Me in 2005

To be clear, I could structure a workout program with the best of ‘em. I had many satisfied clients. But I still didn’t have the health, the body, or the life that I wanted. I suffered from a nasty one-two punch of insomnia and sleep apnea. My doctor lectured me about my dangerously high liver values.

What’s worse is I’d experimented with different workouts and diets, but nothing seemed to work for me as well as I wanted it to. Or the results didn’t last.

I spent my days as a poster boy for the “functionally depressed.” To the outside world, I seemed to have it together. But inside, I was dying a slow death. The image of my wasted potential glared back at me whenever I’d catch my reflection in the mirror.

I was so lethargic that it took every ounce of my strength just to get out of bed in the morning.

I grew to hate that feeling. I was sick of wishing I had the energy to do all the things I wanted to do, of feeling ashamed of how I looked, of dressing to cover up my body, and of sitting with my arms crossed in an attempt to hide.

Then, one day, I got smart. I resolved to study the problem more closely. I observed the fittest people, and contrasted their habits with my own and my clients’.

I sought out the methods of the most successful trainers, and absorbed how they got incredible results for ordinary folks. I focused on what they taught their trainees that the least successful trainers missed. I was personally mentored by the best in the biz.

In time, I discovered many secrets that have allowed me to become one of the most sought after health experts and personal trainers in Toronto.

They’ve landed me big corporate clients like The University of Toronto, and The Ontario Medical Association.

When I applied these principles in my own life, I was blown away. The fat vanished from my body, unveiling a lean, muscular physique. Both my energy levels and my confidence rocketed into the stratosphere.

When people started to notice…well, let’s just say it was nice. Real nice.

Fat to fit in 16 weeks!  My personal transformation.

Fat to fit in 16 weeks! My personal transformation.*

*Individual results may vary

But it wasn’t until a private conversation with a close friend that I realized how profound the changes had been. She told me how much happier I seemed, how I smiled more, and how I projected an aura of being comfortable with myself.

She was right. The confidence factor? Undeniable. I was easily attracting more clients – and a lot more dates. Mom was relieved.

More importantly though, I felt good. Happier than ever before. I’d spring out of bed each morning, excited to take on the day.

That’s why I decided to found Evolution Fitness.

I’ve been to hell and back in my journey to get fit. For that reason, I’ve got a unique perspective on what it takes to get your body in tip-top shape. I understand the challenges the average person encounters that usually trip them up. And I know how to defeat them.

It’s our specialized, and highly personalized system for helping you integrate better eating and exercise habits into your lifestyle, and our ability to get you laser-focused on your goals, but in a way that doesn’t feel like work, that sets us apart from every other health or ‘body-transformation’ program out there.

After five years, and now more than five hundred success stories, it’s my professional (and admittedly biased!) opinion, that there’s simply no better health and fitness solution than the one we offer.

Our many success stories agree. People like Louise Gaynor, 50:

personal training Toronto

“The results have been dramatic. I haven’t had these results with any other program. My clothes fit differently, I’m not afraid to wear smaller clothes. The program is all encompassing. There’s nothing you have to think about – it’s all here.”*

*Individual results may vary


Many trainers are great at training their own bodies, but are not as great at teaching others to do it. Working out and eating right is their passion, and they’re not in tune with the problems of the average person who wants to get fit.

Thanks to my personal struggles, we understand. That understanding is built into every aspect of our program! To discover how exactly, request a complimentary Breakthrough Session by clicking here.

Here’s How The Program Works…


My approach is to attack the root cause of slow results, or most health symptoms you may be experiencing. Our programs are designed to banish inflammation from your body, so you re-establish a proper-functioning metabolism. When that happens, you’ll be shocked at how quickly you progress.

Using several key techniques, you will:

  • Burn a lot more fat by leveraging a simple hormonal trigger most personal trainers don’t understand.
  • Speed recovery between workouts and boost your immune system by training your body’s parasympathetic response and flooding your system with powerful healing compounds.
  • Fire up your metabolism by shrinking inflammation and balancing hormones – one particularly evil hormonal insufficiency puts your metabolism in hibernation mode, making it near impossible for you to lose weight!
  • Achieve greater long-term fat loss by multiplying the number of oxidative muscle fibers (translation: fat-burning muscle fibers) in your body – easy to do, when you know how.


Most of our clients meet with us in on of our private personal training studios (conveniently located downtown near Yonge and Charles, and Yonge and Wellesley).  We also work with a limited number of in home clients, depending on your location, and our availability (call 416-220-7883 to inquire).

Lead Trainer Jeff Chan reveals exercise 'tweaks' most trainers don't know, but that boost results!

Discover exercise ‘tweaks’ most trainers don’t know, but that boost results!

First, we perform a complete health check and help you set realistic goals.

The measurements we take include weight, bodyfat percentage, inch measurements, and a complete nutrition assessment.

Are you a real ‘road warrior’? We know how to refine your travel lifestyle so it doesn’t seem difficult or impossible to get the results you want.

Hate preparing food? We’ve got you covered there too!

Next, you’ll begin enjoying fun and energizing workout sessions with us, anywhere from one to three times per week, depending on your goals, motivation, and budget.

Because our programs are customized, the investment varies quite a bit. For more information, call us at (416) 220-7883 or enter your information to meet with one of our trainers . We are standing by, and looking forward to speaking with you!

The workouts themselves are based on a powerful synergy which includes:

  • Potent, fat-blasting exercises that strengthen and tone every muscle in your body, and feel totally different than anything you’ve tried in the past – in a good way!
  • The best bodyweight moves to engage your nervous system and shift your results into overdrive.
  • Body-sculpting machines that pinpoint problem areas, and cast them into oblivion!
  • Ultra-targeted core-strengthening to carve out a lean, flat waist, and turn your midsection into a solid brick wall you could drive a Jeep over – great for preventing injury or back pain!


We design the entire program for you, ‘soup to nuts’, as the expression goes.

We show you the best times, and most effective ways of doing cardio. We provide you with a complete routine, and help you implement it so it doesn’t feel hard.

Even on the days you’re not working with your trainer, you’ll have a simple-to-follow plan for what to do.



personal trainers in Toronto

“So far in 16 weeks I’ve lost 35 pounds and 11.9% bodyfat!* I feel like I have a lot more energy. I feel sharper and more alert. I’m on my way to achieving all my goals so it’s absolutely worth it. I’d recommend it to anyone.” Joey Swanson, Financial Analyst

*Individual results may vary


How the nutrition program works


Would you run a Ferrari on low-grade fuel? I certainly hope not. But your body will give back in proportion to the quality of nourishment you provide. Eat garbage = feel like garbage.

This is not a diet. Please understand that for your fitness program to succeed long term, you must stop dieting right now! Not only are diets a waste of time (they teach your body to store calories, rather than burn them), but they’re downright bad for you!

We call our system supportive nutrition. That means your body gets all the nutrients it needs to heal and thrive, but you’ll never experience excessive hunger or deprivation.

The menu we’ll customize for you is based on a conversation. We’ll never lecture you on what you can or cannot eat. Your day-to-day already dishes out some pretty hard knocks. The last thing you need is to feel like a punching bag for your nutritionist!

What we will do, is provide you easily-digestible, and bite-sized information that’s specific to your situation, so you feel empowered to make better choices.

You’ll be eating your own food. Food you can purchase from any grocery store.

No ostrich meat, or rare Eastern European herbs you need to trek half-way across the city to find in some tiny specialty store. Our job is one thing: upload supportive nutrition habits into your brain (remember The Matrix? If only it were that easy)!

With Abazar’s help you’ll discover:

  • How to boost your metabolism by eating smaller, more frequent meals & snacks – with foods that you actually enjoy!
  • How to burn up to 30% more calories, just by incorporating a few key lean proteins, at key times.
  • The best thing to eat before and after a workout, the answer may surprise you!
  • How to eat the foods you love, and balance results with life enjoyment. Little known ‘tricks’ using cheat foods to burn more fat.
  • How to easily break through even the toughest weight loss plateau (topic of Abazar’s next book!) using one of no less than ten distinct and personalized methods!


If you prefer to have your meals cooked and delivered, we have a sister service that can do this for you at $15 per meal delivered. We’ll discuss it once we’ve had a chance to learn more about you.

Toronto personal training

“In 16 weeks I lost 30 pounds and 10% bodyfat!* I feel better about myself, and my energy levels are much higher. I’ve worked out on and off, but I’ve never experienced results anything like with this program. Now I enjoy working out! And with the nutrition plan, I really never feel hungry.”Mark Sayers

*Individual results may vary

When you combine nutrition and exercise in the right way, the synergy it creates is exponential.

There’s no huge time commitment, you don’t have to kill yourself working out, and you can still eat foods you like. According to success story Joey Swanson:

“I’d been on other nutrition programs before, but the choices were limited, and I never felt like I knew what to do if there was something I didn’t like. When I was going through everything with Evolution Fitness, they’d ask me what I liked, and if I said ‘I don’t like it’, it wasn’t on my meal plan. That made everything on my meal plan something I enjoyed eating, so it was easy to follow.”*

*Individual results may vary

If you have ANY questions about the details of our nutrition plans, call us right now at (416) 220-7883! Or, simply arrange a time for us to meet and discuss your needs in more detail by clicking here to request a complimentary breakthrough session.

We invite a lot of questions, and we’re happy to answer them!

Toronto trainers

“To anyone considering becoming an Evolution Fitness Client: do it now!! Follow the program, which is easy and you will look and feel great in no time! This is the best and easiest health program I have ever been on.”* Martha Henderson, Olympian

*Individual results may vary


“It sounds great. But can this work for me?”


You might still be having a hard time believing everything, or at least believing that it can work for you. And that’s understandable. You haven’t met me, and you haven’t experienced our Toronto personal training program either.

Over the years I’ve encountered hundreds of people that shared the same fears. They say, “But I’ve tried other programs before, and failed.”

And you may well have tried diets, but failed to keep the weight off…

You may have paid for gym memberships that you only used for the first six weeks…

You may have ordered home fitness equipment that substitutes as a coat rack or something you hang the laundry on to dry!

But the great lie that most fitness or weight loss marketers would have you believe is that this is all somehow your fault. It’s not. Those approaches are flawed, incomplete. You were doomed to fail from the beginning.

Chances are you haven’t tried a complete program which is also personalized to your daily routine and what you like to do.

You haven’t worked with highly competent Toronto personal trainers that are experts at coaching you through the process and making it feel fun.

That’s what we do. We don’t base our recommendations on the latest fads. We’re showing you tried and true principles. We’re delivering great systems. It’s not magic.

And the people who expressed their fears and doubts to me when we first met?

They’re all the people you see on this page with before and after snapshots! With our help, they’ve conquered their fears and self-doubt – and so will you!

Still not convinced? You’ve got nothing to lose by simply trying a Breakthrough Session with one of our top Toronto trainers. There’s zero obligation. When you experience the difference, your belief level will immediately increase.

Here’s what our clients are saying:

“With Evolution Fitness, I became a believer pretty quickly!”* – Andrew Stanbridge, 29, Product Manager

*Individual results may vary

“Exercising by myself never worked. But once I started with Evolution, I couldn’t stop!”* –Mary Parry, 52, Business Owner

*Individual results may vary

“The results I’ve achieved with this program have been an amazing feeling. I feel like myself again.”* Kristyna Star, 36, Account Manager

*Individual results may vary

Don’t wait to get your body back! Start today…

personal training

“So far in 16 weeks I’ve lost 43 pounds!* I feel better, I’m sleeping much better. This program is a steal. Priceless.”Jason Marshall, 39, Social Worker

*Individual results may vary


How To Get Started

Bottom line, you have to experience what we do to understand it.

That’s why we allow you to test-drive our service at absolutely no cost, and with no further obligation. When you meet with one of my top personal trainers, you’ll be getting concrete guidance from a proven transformation expert, with over a hundred client success stories to their credit. You’ll be taken through a personalized 1HR BREAKTHROUGH SESSION designed to help you gain total clarity on how to reach your goals in the quickest and most painless way.

During your appointment, we’ll ask you some questions, get into your goals in more detail, and begin showing you what it takes to transform your health and your body.

In that way you can meet us, see that we’re real, genuine people, and we know our stuff. You’ll also see our training space, and find out if what we have to offer is really the solution you’ve been searching for.

We’re always in demand, and can only accommodate a limited number of new members. Schedule your Breakthrough Session today to ensure you get a spot and you’re not disappointed! Just call us at (416) 220-7883 or enter your details below to have us call you within the next 24-48 hours. You have my word that your information will NEVER be shared with anyone.

Thanks for visiting our website, we look forward to speaking with you!