Toronto personal trainer shows you how to quickly and safely transform your health and your body

Are you tired of bland, tasteless food…boring workouts…and fed up with diet centers or Toronto personal trainers that promise big – but never deliver?

If so, you’re not alone. In fact, almost everyone who tries to get fit or lose weight with traditional personal training and diet advice fails.

Conor Kelly

Toronto’s most trusted body transformation expert, Conor Kelly, is inviting you to take a free test drive of the most complete personal training and nutrition program in Toronto.

That’s because most personal trainers in Toronto don’t understand what the normal person—with a job or business, family, and life—needs to do in order to reach their fitness goals.

Whether you’re sick of fighting fatigue, annoyed that your favorite clothes aren’t fitting, don’t feel great about your body these days, or you’re just generally frustrated with a lack of results – I can help.

Why? Because I’ve been there. I used to weigh 250 pounds.

I suffered from sleep apnea and depression. I was constantly exhausted. My liver values tested dangerously high. I was warned by both my family physician and a sleep specialist that if I didn’t lose weight, I was headed for much worse.

Since my transformation, I’ve maintained a lean 180 pounds, and life just keeps getting better!

Bottom line, I understand how hard it can be to get fit. And I know how to help you defeat your biggest health and body challenges.

Through my many years of experience and extensive study, I’ve developed a unique system for integrating supportive eating habits and effective exercise as part of your lifestyle – in a way that doesn’t require a ton of time, or more than a reasonable amount of effort. I even make it seem fun!

Here are a few examples of what my clients are saying:

“In 16 weeks I lost 35lbs. and 11.8% bodyfat! It feels great both physically (I have more energy and feel better) and emotionally (I have more confidence). To say I recommend Evolution Fitness would be an understatement.” – Mauer Chiarello

“After 16 weeks I’ve lost over 30 pounds, my body looks better than ever, and I feel great! And the best part is that it felt easy!” – Cristina D.

“I’ve never experienced results anything like with this program. Now I love working out! And with the nutrition plan, I never feel hungry.” – Mark Sayers

Using the methods I reveal, you will:


With the assistance of my team of top Toronto personal trainers, I’ve helped hundreds of people like you get fit – and stay there. I know we can help you too. Don’t wait, register today for our Free Breakthrough Session, and we’ll show you the quickest way to reach your goals!

Fitness is a skill that anyone can easily learn – with the right guidance.

That’s why I’d like to give you a gift of my email micro-course, 5 Tips Most Personal Trainers Don’t Know just for dropping by! People like you are already using them to double, triple, or even sometimes quadruple the speed of their body transformation results. Each is based on scientific testing, not the latest fads. Tell me where to send them and I’ll email them to you so you can get started right away.

Conor Kelly

Owner, Evolution Fitness